07172012 | I am Lazy

On a level of lazy, I am very lazy. Words cannot describe my laziness anymore. I’m too lazy to make this post but I’m going to because I feel like it’s important so I’m not too lazy…but still lazy. I am so lazy that I didn’t format the previous sentence so that it wouldn’t be a run-on. It’s too late. I am not changing it.

So I was thinking of starting my 40 hours of community service. The key word is “thinking”. I still have 0 hours through and one of my classmates has 60. That person is basically done with volunteer if he/she wanted to.

I don’t like going outside.

I don’t like searching for missing things.

I don’t like to do things that are unnecessary like eating, sleeping, etc.

That was a joke; I do sleep and eat…just not a lot.

The point of this post is to not be like me. With my life passing by, I am probably not going to do anything amazing with. There is only one thing I want: to live forever. The other stuff like money and happiness is required too but living forever is something I want to achieve without doing anything.

That is all.


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