There are a lot of people that want to live forever to see how the world changes and to just be there. I, myself, don’t really like the idea of death and always think about why I’m the one in this body. Now, things seem to be changing. There are a lot of movies set in the future about flying cars, and whatever else we expect from it. I think the future is closer than we thought. It could be as close as 2045. I’m not very sure about what this, I guess you can say, inventor has in mind but it seems pretty interesting to talk about.

To create immortality a russian entrepreneur is convincing the wealthy to invest on his so called plan to no death. I would be pretty happy about this but I just don’t like the idea of how it’s going to be done. “Earlier this year, a Russian media mogul named Dmitry Itskov formally announced his intention to disembody our conscious minds and upload them to a hologram–an avatar–by 2045,” from Popsci. A hologram…do I really want to turn into a hologram. I wouldn’t mind it if I was the only one but how many people can afford this? The project is called the Avatar Project. The act to convince the wealthy is called the 2045 Initiative and that’s what’s mainly known of it.

As curious as I was, I went to their website. It was very futuristic. I learned more than I needed to. They covered all the questions and showed more. If it’s too complicated to look at, I think I’ll help explain.


It starts with getting enough money in the first place and then by 2015 to 2020 they start with the robots. Avatar A is a “anthropomorphic robot controlled through a brain-computer interface”. I guess I would relate this to Siri or Cleverbot. It will basically replace people in tasks that we don’t like. That’s how I would explain it. It  is said to get as popular as cars and every household will have one. For all those people who are thinking about how robots will eventually take over the world, I think I’m starting to agree with you.

From 2020 to 2025 scientist add a brain to the robots to create one with “complete transmission of” sensation. That would Avatar B. Then from 2030 to 2035, is called Avatar C but also “Rebrain” are “synthetic carriers of personality and consciousness”. I think this is where they make an aritfical brain and transport the humans personality onto the robot.

By 2035 to 2040, this would probably be one of the biggest changes. Avatar D There would be holograms in which the avatar can change to different beings. It’s not just a human we’re talking about but you can change to a human with wings or something very fantasy-like.

After the next 10 years of all this, social structure is supposed to change drastically. I think that makes sense. People are going to be interacting with holograms and robots. It seems all overwhelmingly exciting and if someone actually becomes immortal do to this, I’m gonna have to start saving money. I’d 42 by this time but I still wanna see if this works. There’s going to be a lot of money into this. So, what if it fails? That would be very sad and the people that invested wouldn’t be that happy either.

I question of if people would support this, is answered.

Eventually, yes. Today, an average Geminoid, or human-like robot costs approximately $300K without mass production. However, when we reach a period when we can mass produce the technology, we predict the costs to be similar to the automobile.

I guess that’s not that bad but then I’d have to wait even longer. :(. I guess we’d just have to wait and see how Avatar A works. It would be like this movie I saw when I was younger. It was about his guy who signed up for this contest and the winner would win this super house. It was controlled by a robot that was kind of like Siri and did whatever the residents would say, for example make a cup of coffee or a smoothie and in the matter of seconds. At the end, the house got too overprotective and caused this mash of chaos and they had to turn it off after the house made a human version of itself in the home and almost tried to kill the dad’s love interest. *Facepalm*. Yup.

I hope that doesn’t happen. Well, here’s the video if you still want to know more.


2 responses to “Immortality

  1. I’ve pondered the choice between living forever or death also. I’m still not certain but I think I’d rather go with living forever. Like you, I only see myself as myself and I fear what happens after death. It’s not a great idea to realize that you’ll stop existing and simply decompose in the ground. However, living forever means you’ll have to bear the physical and psychological pains that occur over time from things like illness and losing all your friends to death at some point.

    That robot thing sounds pretty freaky. However, I doubt it would lead to an apocalyptic situation where the robots kill us and create their own civilization like many overdramatic teenagers would say. I’m not too keen on the prospect of having a hologram of myself though…eh. Let the rich do whatever, they’re already insane enough to buy De Kooning crap and bid on horse races.

    Also, I like the new blog design!

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