Days Change as You Get Older

I guess I already knew the idea that days are short but whenever someone exclaimed at how short years are, it would always confuse me. When I was 10, I believed a year would take forever to pass by and it did at that time. If someone told me I had to wait for a month for this awesome movie to come out, I’d just collapse and sigh for it would feel like a decade in my mind. Then as I got older, everything started to seem quicker and the faster things got, the more I wanted to live in the moment.

I remember when I had those good moments of having my key scan with me in 7th grade I used to walk so slowly. I didn’t care if I was going to come home later than usual, I was just so calm ’cause I didn’t have to rely on anyone else. I don’t like relying on other people.

And just this Monday I was so exhausted from going to school even though it had only been less than a week since school started. The fact that Friday would eventually come helped me bear the week. Just last night I was thinking, Wow it feels like as if just yesterday it was Monday and now it’s already Friday. My god I hope my life doesn’t fly by this fast. 

I hope decades last a very, very long time ’cause I don’t want to leave this world no matter how corrupt or stupid it may be. I don’t care if humans are the most selfish, dangerous, cunning creatures in the universe. I really don’t care ’cause it’s human nature we’re talking about, we can’t change that and I don’t mind it at all. As much as I know people hate people in general, you gotta learn to live with them…or just live. If life gives you disgusting sour grapefruit and nothing else, you gotta eat that grapefruit to survive.

Oh and as I end off don’t use “very” and I’ll try my hardest not to use that word too because it’s just a very lazy word. I used very again. As I’m saying, find smarter words that will probably make you look smarter. Because…that’s what smarter words do…make you look smarter. Words. Smarter. Look.


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