Tumblr and Rombama

This is just a short post ranting about Tumblr. Yes, tumblr, the love of my life. Tumblah.


I don’t understand the staff in Tumblr. If I was old enough, I would apply to join the staff just to see what they really do. They never seem to fix the little mistakes but I hope they get something done through this maintenance. I really hope.

The worst part about this is all of Tumblr is down, including all the websites hosted by Tumblr. I find this very suck-ish because I can’t look at the posts I reblogged (which I do and it’s kinda creepy). I like funny things and so in my Tumblr, there are funny things and when I click the “Random” post button, a random post appears. Some of them end up being hilarious, and some I don’t even remember but it’s still super funny.

I haven’t ranted in a long time so even this is pretty new for me.

The elections are happening soon…in November to be exact. I actually knew when the elections were gonna happen last year because I’m just that crazy and like to view a lot of news. I like news and the random bits about it. I was especially surprised that the presidential debate was the most talked about political thing in history. Well, the most tweeted about topic, but that’s basically the same thing now-a-days.

Who do I want to win? Well, it doesn’t really matter since I am now in Canada and I don’t think our prime minister, Stephan Harper (I just had to Google to figure who our country’s prime minister was), is  never not gonna be our prime minister. People say they don’t like him, but they vote for him…I don’t exactly get it. But it’s probably because his party has the most seats in presidental-thingy-whatever. (I’m only 14, give me a break.)

Back to the topic; if it did matter who I wanted to win, then I would say neither. I don’t really care who wins because every single president screws up in something. It’s just the way it is. It’s like the occupation of being a president is very rare because it’s probably the hardest job in the world. They just need something that looks like he knows what he’s doing and has the ability to listen to everyone’s ranting without out dying a little. The president also has to face the inevitable screwing up the country dilemma. I wouldn’t say Obama screwed up the country but just didn’t deliver his promises on time. I know, I know. It’s kinda hard to do what he promised so it would take more time. But it’s still a promise he has to accomplish. If he wants four more years, then so be it but it’s gonna be America who chooses whether they’ll accept the four years. LUCK, USA

(I would say good luck but there’s no such thing anymore.)


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