The Death of Yet Another Teacher

I had made a post about a death of another teacher last year. This post is about an English /Drama teacher in my high school. I don’t know her and it had only been the first few weeks of school when we heard the tragic news. I don’t know how she died, when she died, and how old she was. I do know that she wasn’t old and this death was sudden. I remember the day when there was an urgent meeting so it was a delayed start. After lunch, we got the announcement of her death. It was pretty quiet in my English classroom because none of the students knew her. Our teacher wasn’t there for reasons I do not know. I would have come to the inference that she found the news out and had to take a leave because some teachers did do that in the morning and the kids had to go to the Commons and not have class. But there was also the possibility that her kids were sick.

I know one guy who was supposed to be taught by her for drama but he only got to see her for one class. They allowed consulting for the people that did need it and just last week on Friday there was an after school memorial for her. Our school raised money for one of the charities for animals that she supported.

I didn’t find this death as shocking to me because I didn’t know her. I don’t even know how she looks. But with the other teacher last year, I knew her. I saw her around school and the fact that she wouldn’t exist anymore felt unusual. It affected me in a way that made me think what it would be like if I no longer existed. I hope to not every have to think of death ever again.

I’ll end with a question: Are teachers supposed to die as you grow up or does everyone experience this?


One response to “The Death of Yet Another Teacher

  1. I know how shocking it is. My headmistress died whilst I was at school. She went on a holiday to Spain and died there. It happens sometimes but not very often.

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