All Hallows’ Evening

Such an exciting title for my article! It’s this time of the year again. Halloween is back but it seems much more popular than before. Actually, everything seems much more important than it did before. The elections are a good example. So is Hurricane Sandy. I remember when Hurricane Katrina happened. …Okay, I don’t but of what I see now, it was a big deal but Hurricane Sandy is HUGE! Everyone’s talking about it but not really about how devastating it is but more of the funny side of it. I love the name they give it. Hurricane Sandy just has this abnormal ring to it that makes it seem eminent. Back to the main topic.

I haven’t been trick or treating in 2 years. Maybe more I’m not even sure. I thought I was going to go trick-or-treating this year because I was invited to go with my friends but change of plans (Hurricane Sandy), I’m not going after all. I remember when I went trick-or-treating in California. The good thing about California is that it’s not cold in the winter but that’s exactly why I don’t want to go now. Toronto and it’s amazing weather just have to give in sometimes and be not-so-amazing…all year round. I’ll just put it in plain English. Toronto’s weather is horrible and that’s exactly why I don’t want to be wearing a winter coat while walking around asking for candy because the costume part of it, which I would have worked arduously for, would end up worthless because I’ll freezing from the cold air and gusting winds and maybe even rain. I don’t care if my friends get antsy from my decision but they’re going to have to live with the idea that I’m not for bad weather whether they like it or not.

It would be between Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day that I get the most candy but the one I like best is Christmas because chocolates are the easiest present to give to a person. Everyone just loves chocolate. I love obligatory chocolates the best. And the difference between giving chocolates in Valentine’s Day and Christmas as a gift is that it isn’t considered affectionate to the person you’re giving the chocolates to.

The only thing I don’t understand about Halloween is that it’s a Christian holiday but it’s the exact opposite of what Christians want. Some very religious Christians, like this family I knew in California, don’t celebrate Halloween because they say it’s the birth of the devil and that completely makes sense to me. If you’re a Christian why would you celebrate the birth of the devil? And some of those not-so-religious Christians find it as a holiday to dress up and scary or funny characters and show off their Halloween spirit. I don’t mind that Christians celebrate it too but if it really is the birth of the devil, then why would you celebrate it? I would love it if someone explained this to me because it’s one of those big wonders in my mind.


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