Job Outsourcing in America

My dad’s the guy you disdain.

It’s alright to say so because if you’re American or happen to live in America you should hate my dad. If you’re looking for a job but have the havoc of getting rejected for every one then you should hate my dad.

Sorry for putting you on the spot, Dad, but it’s the reason why I’m making this post. Job outsourcing is the only way I can describe it since my mind is still developing awesome functions like a smarter brain. My dad’s occupation is in IT and he started his career in India. I don’t know the exact details of it but next thing I know he’s gone to Connecticut because he got a promotion to work in America. The part most people aren’t going to like is that it’s a good paying, professional job that can support a family. My dad never lost his job and after 7 years, we’re in Canada. I mean it’s not a step up but the plus side is there isn’t anything to fight about here.

Because he got such a good job, a native probably lost their chances of that job. This is obviously the “problem”. It’s not a problem for me at all since it’s affecting me and if I’d still be India if this didn’t happen, but the other millions of people are affected by it. The main topic about politics and the government is more jobs and if there are people coming from another country to take good jobs in America, it’s going to impact a lot of people that are struggling.

I found this a good topic to talk about since I’m part of the problem but I love being controversial so I don’t mind. It’s people like us that can help make a change in the world. Okay, that was really uncalled for and I shouldn’t have written that down but remember, I’m controversial. It’s also good for people to know about this since it’s one of the reasons why America has a struggling economy.


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