Book Review: First Day on Earth

First Day on EarthFirst Day on Earth by Cecil Castellucci
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me just put this out there before I begin. This isn’t a big book or anything but it’s the first book that I’ve finished so quickly. Usually it takes me 2 weeks or maybe more since I’m distracted by whats going on with the rest of the world and I actually have a life to deal with, but this took me just a few days. It’s also how easily I was able to go through the pages without having to think, what am I reading? Sometimes I do that because I’m not paying attention to the words and it all becomes a blob when that part becomes important to the story. It was easy for me with this story because Cecil, can I call you Cecil, wrote it in the newest format in my opinion. It was simple, organized, and so easy to understand. She made the character real but also mysterious by the lack of information she gave. She just summed it all up for the reader instead of having to read something like:

And as he watched towards the desk, hands frozen from the anxiety and frustration, he felt a change of mind. Was he to do this? Did he want to do this? To this point, he didn’t even know what he was doing. His eyes lowered at the book. It was such a simple book and yet him, as complicated as he was could be as simple as the book in a different dimension.

Whereas Cecil would make it more of:

That book, he hated that book. He didn’t want to read it! Or did he? Just starring at the book caused some temptation. It was hard to put his mind around his opinions. He was, in fact, a very complicated soul.

How much easier is that to read! You get the idea what I’m trying to say. Her writing isn’t as horrible as mine but it is much easier to understand than those detailed fatty books.

Now, if some of you may like those never ending books, it’s okay. This book is more of a read for the sake of it. Something to pass the time. Those quicky books. I don’t really read quick-pick books but I found this book from the White Pine Book Nominees for 2013.

I’ve also gotten two other books to read from that, Getting Over Garrett Delaney and The Way We Fall, and have started reading The Way We Fall. I must say there may be some big competition. This is my first time reading the White Pine books since I’m in 9th grade and it wouldn’t exactly make sense to read White Pine books before since they are specified for age groups. But, yes. I do see some fun this year with the nominees.

In short, read this book if you’re thinking about it.

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