Everything’s Closing Down This Year and the Syndrome

It’s not just me that has this idea, right? I think it’s weird how impossibly possible that many beautiful groups of cooperations are closing this year. Why, I ask. Why? Is it really the end of the world? Mayans, put us out of our misery. I think it’s better if the apocalypse does happen instead of witnessing all these horrifying ends. The end of the world is not as important as the end of Twinkies.

You guys know I’m just kidding. I think I’ve only eaten a Twinkie once. I guess I’m just not that average fat filled North American kid. I like fruits (except for tomatoes), cashews, walnuts, and any other types of nuts that is consumable. I repeat, consumable.

There are also the other things shutting down and have shut down that are more important to me. MSN is closing down. The reason, I do not know. Do I want to know? Does it matter? Unlike me, I think you do want to know so let me do some research on it.

So, it took me some time to find out what exactly is happening because people believed MSN would should shut down many times before in the past. What I did find out is that they will shut down MSN in March 2013 for reasons regarding Skype. I’m not exactly understanding it but I think they are replacing MSN with Skype. It’s really weird since I don’t see any relation between those two. I don’t use Skype because I’m not that talk-and-view-over-the-internet type of person so I’m not going to bother giving it a shot. A lot of the people I know, teenagers, use MSN and rely on it to chat with others so I wonder what they’re going to switch to. Facebook isn’t even an option since it’s not as much about chatting than about News Feeds of others and stuffies like that. No one even chats on Facebook as much as on MSN (unless they do then it’s about weird uninteresting things that I don’t care about and never will). We are very picky when it comes to picking a messenger to chat with others. I’m really curious what they’re going to switch to for I came to Toronto, I didn’t even know people use MSN Messenger that much. I found G Talk much more interesting even if it didn’t have the personalized flare.

There was also the departure of Picnik because Google bought it. I can still use Picnik but with Google, it just doesn’t feel the same (even though I’m a huge fan of Google). There are a lot of things going away, like in Canada there’s Zellers that is now bought by Target. They’re switching over by 2013 so no more Zellers! I never liked Zellers anyways. Then there’s the extermination of pennies. I love pennies and I don’t care what any one says. We belong together fivever. Don’t question this love! Pennies are really the cutest things in the world. The metal is has a cute name too: copper. I just need something to make my day also known as the lucky penny on the ground that is heads up. Even if my supersition gets the best of me, it still something to look forward to. And now they’re all gonna leave.

Not entirely, though. We can still use then at stores but the stores will collect it send it off to the government or whoever is in charge of it and they’re melt it up I guess. After the process of that within plenty of months, they’re gonna stop being used because the government isn’t gonna distribute them at all. You may have not noticed but, they already stopped distributing pennies. Even though I’m a nerd fighter and enjoy John Green endless geeknesseses, I still got to disagree with the guy. That’s what makes a true fan. You don’t stalk their every move and agree with every little thing they say because that’s what makes you HUMAN. That includes you two, Rebecca and Emily.

I’m getting off topic here but why not. These two girls have got their mind set on one thing. Doctor Who and at first I thought it was a normal teenager hipster thing that they’ve got going on but I realized that they aren’t the only ones. Unfortunately there are a lot of other children suffering with this problem but not just for Doctor Who. I would like to call it the just-because-the-show-promotes-it-I-have-to-love-it-too syndrome. It’s a big issue in our world and it’s one of those things you can’t stop.

I will give a few examples to prove that there is really such a thing as the JBSPHLT syndrome. Going back to my two friends, Rebecca and Emily, I’d prove it. They have this huge obsession with Doctor Who which is seeming to decreasing slowing. I believed they started watching the summer of 2011 due to the influence of the media. I do believe that other fandoms have brought them into this fandom. Ever since then they believed that simple things like bow ties, bunk beds, and fezzes were cool. What is cool? It’s just another judgement from the people of the world to categorize something as interesting or better than the average. It’s more of an opinion but why would they think of all things that those specific things could be labeled as “cool”. Watch the show and you’ll see that the main character, The Doctor, believes their cool. This has caused the JBSPHLT syndrome, making the viewers believe that they are cool without any significant reason. It’s confusing. It confuses me and probably plenty of other people in this world. It may even confuse the fans but do they seem to care? No. Because they have the JBSPHLT syndrome too.

I’m different. Yes, I’m boasting but I have reasoning. I love pennies, as I have already told you so. Cute little things but my fandom isn’t “supposed” to like it. Pretty dumb but I don’t care. I have my own opinions and I can share them if they are positive (even though negative remarks are shared too).

I think this world is just becoming stupider and stupider. Actually, no. It’s not becoming stupid. It’s just losing it’s creativity. We can’t come up with our own cool things so we go to see people with creativity and just do what they do. Our own style and attitude and creations make us different than others. I use the word “nesseses” a lot even though it isn’t a word and has one more “es” than it should. That’s exactly what I like about it and I’m not trying to make it a thing. It just stuck to me and I can’t not use the term anymore. It moulds me into my awesome shape.

So, next time kids (or adults), take a few minutes everyday to think about what makes you more different than the other seven billion people in this world. If you find that you can’t think of anything very significant, you’ve got to stop watching TV and surfing the internet all the time because those are the two things that destroy it. Statistics have shown.  Most people say to be yourself but it’s hard because there’s nothing different about you than anyone else.When they say to be yourself they mean to create yourself. Find your differences and express them. That’s why the world or movies and TV shows, no one wants a dull character.

I sign off saying my last goodbyes to MSN. (I thought they were gonna update the look to match Windows 8. I guess not.)


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