11/07/2012 | End of the World and My Sister

As you guys may know, especially them Mayans (sorry for the bad grammar but it’s on purpose), it’s going to be the end of the world. Or at least people believe so. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really need to be more up to date.

Here’s a informative video explaining why people believe the end of the world is going to come this month:

It’s a little absurd and a lot of people agree with me. It’s a little confusing too. I understand completely why people would believe that which makes me want to go back in time and interview the Mayans.

CGP Grey does have a good point, though: Why is it that they saw the end of the world coming but not the Europeans coming to make the Mayan extinct? And why isn’t it that the Mayans continued with another calendar and if they did, why haven’t we found it yet?

There are a lot of questions and I hate it when they aren’t answered. I’m a curious person and I would like to be born into this world when they are all answered. I don’t want these theories floating around just waiting to be answered. I don’t want to wait and see when the cure to cancer will be found. I would like to help but some clueless teenager like me isn’t going to be worth much in the science industry. Even though I get a good grades for science, I don’t understand half the things the teacher is explaining to us. Possibly because she still considers Pluto a planet. (Well, she doesn’t but she considers it a dwarf planet and wants us to add it to the list of planets in our tests which is nonsense. If it’s not a planet, don’t put it on the test.)

Really, if I was a teacher I wouldn’t question NASA’s observations and inferences. I don’t want to go against the big guy and force beliefs onto the younger generation. They already have it hard enough if I tell them “Pluto is a planet but at the same time it’s not because it’s big but just not big enough”. Are old teachers just trying to confuse us? I don’t know. I hope they get their act together and just agree with the people that actually take the time to observe the world as their career and make sure the rest of the world knows what’s even going on. For all we know, NASA could have chose to hide everything from us or make a lie that Mercury isn’t a planet when it really is. For all we know.

I also understood the answer to losing something. If it’s gone, you cannot get it back unless there is some fateful miracle. I’ll explain the story so this isn’t much of a rant. (By the way, I have a New York accent stuck in my head so I’m typing this down in with that accent.) I needed to use the USB flash drive from my little sister because she has more things than I ever will and she lets me, under the condition of waiting for her after school (she never shows up). I take it to my computer technology class and put it into the USB port. Unfortunate events after the other I forget to take it out of the USB port and leave the class. I realize at lunch but I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t go check the classroom at the time. Oh right! I remember now. That day was a short day so we had lunch and went home. The thing with that is I had to go home quickly so I could finish my food fast and go to my elementary school to volunteer. I got so distracted with going home that I forgot to go and check. It was all just a rush.

I go to my elementary school, had fun talking to my old teachers and then told my sister I lost it while we were walking back home. She tells me, “Well, go to school now!” since my elementary school and high school is separated by a walkway that we were in fact walking on. I was going to go but the idea that most of the teachers aren’t going to be there gave way and I lost my opportunity for that.

I come back next week and luckily see my teacher walking down the hallway in the morning. I tell him that I lost my USB and he takes me to the classroom to go check. Due to my unluckiness, I don’t see the USB there and he checks in his desk in class a student found it and gave another teacher and the teacher put it in the desk in case someone claims it but he doesn’t find it there either. I tell him it’s okay when really I’m just disappointed.

And it’s just a USB drive, right? There aren’t even any files that were needed. It’s not something important. I don’t need it so I just forget about it and move on with my life. I think anyone would do that under those circumstances. But, no. Not my sister. She’s something else. She went crazy when she found out I didn’t find it. And the thing with her is I think she’s already matured. She’s not your ordinary 12-year-old. Take your average nagging house wife, mother-in-law, cheapaholic, and clean-freak and you have my sister! It’s really crazy how all those things accurately described her. I think I want to explain why she’s all those things because it’s intriguing me.

At home, she’s crazy. I used to wake up every morning to her voice bursting through the walls. She was arguing with my mom again. I didn’t mind too much. They were my alarm clock. Whenever I put clothes on the ground and she sees them a  few hours later, you don’t know how upset she gets. She gets more annoyed than my mom. My mom just asks me to pick it up but I don’t exactly respond so she either ends up doing it herself or goes away. My sister waits until I get it done which is so much more worse. She complains about everything I say and do.

She gets mad a lot and I don’t know the next time she’s going to be all cool or nagging. With is also why she’s like a mother-in-law. *Sigh*  Don’t think I’m over exaggerating this because I’m not. It’s a good thing my sister finds my blog retarded and never looks at it. She likes to make fun of me even when I don’t do anything. She finds it irritating when I don’t do anything. Isn’t it a good thing if I don’t do anything. I’m just a rock in the home passing my time either on the computer, TV, or reading a book.

She is one cheap girl. We were at Costco and you know how a lot of kids that go grocery shopping with their parents want to buy anything sugary and snacky. That’s me! I’m putting the boxes of junk food in and my sister’s taking them out. I’m still confused as to how she’s the mature one and I’m not. “Put that back! You’re wasting money!” She’s doing my mom’s job. The funny thing is that my dad thinks that if my mom goes shopping with us, she spends money on bad food but it’s really just me. My sister has nothing to do with it. As much as I try to explain it to my dad, he still doesn’t believe it.

So, now you get the jest of her, right? So, that girl gets super mad at me for losing her USB drive. So mad that she cries for it and wants me to put up posters around the school declaring it lost and for someone to give it to me if it’s found. It’s a USB drive! Are you kidding me?!!! (That’s right. I triple exclaimed it.) I claim that I cannot find it and that it’s gone. She still can’t get over it. My mom is totally sided with her because she’d probably be dead if she wasn’t. Once my dad got involved (yesterday), he learned that she didn’t have backup files from the USB drive. She wanted the files as I guess you can say “memories”. She’s been saving the files she has since sixth grade. He told her it was important to have backup files but she got even more upset because he was claiming that it was her fault. She wants everyone to point fingers at me and so I let them. The faster we get over this, the faster she may get over this phase of her life. The crazy premenstrual syndrome phase (aka PMS).

She suggests they ground me. I chuckle. They’re brown. “What’s grounding, “my dad says and I burst out laughing.  My mom knows what it is because she’s tried to do it before (emphasis on ‘tried’). My dad also knows what the act of grounding is, he was just joking.  They’re agreeable with the notion and don’t let me go on the computer for four days. Let’s see…yesterday was Thursday. They grounded me yesterday. It’s been one day since they’ve grounded me and I have three more days of being grounded. Oh, and not to mention the fact that I’M ON THE COMPUTER. Grounding is the worst method in the world. It’s only for white people and it doesn’t work on white people either. That was a little racist but you get what I’m saying. It doesn’t work. At least not for me. Even my sister let  me on the computer for one hour.

They may think I’m the idiot in the family; the one that doesn’t know how to cook or clean or do the dishes or laundry. They think I’m never going to get my drivers license or a nice job. They think my grades are decent but not A-M-A-ZING but what they don’t realize is I’m the smartest of them all. I know my mom’s gonna read this but I don’t know if she’ll get all the way to the bottom of the page (since she doesn’t like reading) so I don’t think I’ll continue with how I’m a super genius. A devious genius. They’d take the grounding seriously then.

My sister became a little calmer because I’m grounded but my mom did learn something new. If I’m not happy, no one is.   No one. Since I couldn’t go on the computer, I had to find other ways to entertain myself. I chose Netflix and started watched episodes of The 4400, this supernatural show that reminds me of LOST. She didn’t want me to watch this all day because she wanted to watch something else that entertained her. I told her this is the only entertainment I get for I don’t have the other entertainment, the laptop. If I go on the laptop I don’t care about my hygiene, bladder, hunger, or energy. I don’t even feel like I need to replenish my needs and so I’m quiet without disturbing anyone. But when I’m on the TV I disturb my mom when she wants to watch another show. So my mom, without asking for permission changes it back to cable and tell me to go on her computer and that brings us to me typing about this very moment.

Yeah, the world’s not gonna end. And the lucky guy that gets my sister is doomed. I will warn him but no one takes me seriously. It’s gonna be so much fun when I visit. I can already imagine it: I open the door and yell, “I’M HERE!”. I see her husband cleaning the ground with only a toothbrush and floor cleaner. He’d look like a mess from his face but his clothes will be clean. She’ll come in from the stairs like she’s the queen of the world (but with a temper). I’ll just laugh at him for not listening to me sooner.

Well, it may not exactly be like that but I hope she stops getting mad over everything. I’m laughing right now because I see her playing Poptropica. I don’t know why I find it so funny. All I see is a grumpy middle aged woman playing a game made for kids in which you go on expeditions and the game mainly involves clicking. The laptop and TV are one of the few things that keep her calm. Apparently everyone thinks she’s funny. Okay I should stop typing. The End. Did I mention I hate winter? The End for good. The End. Oh and unfollow me if you like Taylor Swift.


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