Change of Plans

This is a queued post so this’ll only take place when it’s actually published.

Hello lovely netizens of the interwebs. I am talking to you from where we live, the outerwebs, and to be more exact, Toronto. That should be pretty obvious. I feel like I’m making this a post about me moving to a different city so it wouldn’t make sense to have the blog name as “Toronto’s Snow” but it’s actually not that big of an announcement.

I have made this blog into something it shouldn’t be. I wanted to talk about my daily life on this blog and how much I don’t like the snow here in Toronto (or the weather) even though I’m using it to my advantage (and making it as the name of my blog). Interesting isn’t it. That’s not what’s been happening lately.


That’s right. I used a whole paragraph on one word. It’s also a fragment sentence. Whatcha’ gonna do ’bout it Microsoft and my English teacher? I also used “gonna” which is apparently not a real word but WordPress seems fine with me using it since I’m not getting that wavy red line under the word.

This is why I’m going to (drum roll) make a new blog! Yes, that is correct. In this blog I will talk more about my opinions of things in life and the other one about what I actually do with my so called life. Interesting, isn’t it? (See how I used that phrase again but this time I added a comma and made it a question. Interesting.

Don’t exactly know what to call it yet but it’s going to come to me. Let’s see what’s the second thing I hate most about Toronto. I am too funny for the internet. That’s not it though because I hate that place way too much. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Dundas Square (in my opinion) is the heart of Downtown Toronto. It’s where the shooting happened recently and where there was a riot. Stuff like that. I hate it because there’s way too many people there but my dad loves the place. I don’t understand why. They tried to make it look like New York’s Time Square.It’s close but that makes it a poser.

Dundas SquareI’ll come up with something but for now I’ll leave you guessing.

[Hours and hours of thinking later]

I have a bunch of names I came up with but I’m just not sure which one to stick with. This is a lot of work. And when I go open the blog, I’m planning on writing much more often than I do. Maybe every other day. Here are my options:

If We Fall

Clueless Clues

The Clueless Mind

I Will Eat Your Food

I’ll just do a random draw. I got If We Fall  but I’m not sure. It feels negative even though it isn’t. Why is this so complicated? You know what, let’s go with that. Here’s the link.


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