Gateway of the Mind – Experiment of the Senses

I learned about this on Tumblr just a minute ago and my eyes started watering because I was so petrified by it. I googled it and found the same excerpt on a website “Creepypasta Wiki”. Nice name. It’s too scary for me to think and the stupidity in me to read it at night. I’m not scared that I’ll be awake the whole night thinking about it; I know that I’m going to have a nightmare. Whenever something happens before I go to bed, I dream something related to it. It’s something I can’t stop so I don’t bother. I just go with it. But this is weird: If you want to read about it, be my guest.

See, I don’t know if it is true or not but does it matter? This will be implicated into your mind whether you like it or not because you have already read it. If it’s plotted by a writer, that writer has skill because the plot is brilliant. If it’s true, well, it better not be.

I wouldn’t say I’m a religious soul or an over-religious person but I do hope there is something after death. Even if we have to stare into a dark world of nothingness, if we can communicate with each other, I’m cool with it. But this just makes me hope not. Abandonment isn’t the word I would use but that’s exactly why the writer used it. Because it’s rich, and at the same time, faint. What do they mean by God abandoning us? What is that even supposed to mean? Let’s just say this isn’t real. The writer has great wording. I can just read it over and over again. I usually don’t read these lengthy posts on Tumblr but what drew me into this one? I guess it was the picture of the scientist doing the test on the subject.

But, wow. We’ve gotta feel some pity on the fictional subject. I think we can all agree on this: he would have been way better off passing away the common way instead of this long battle. I can’t imagine a single breathing moment without my senses. To not be able to see or hear won’t be completely challenging since you know that other people have lived with it maybe even their whole lives. How would it be like to not smell or feel or taste. There’s no point in eating great food. You won’t even be able to tell apart hot food with cold food or even know if it’s in your mouth, I guess. Let alone know how it smells. I like how I’m only relating it back to food.

What about the weirdness of biting off your own flesh? Weird if I should add. Our minds these days are orginial surprisingly. Well, just a few special ones of us. The very interesting (emphasis on ‘interesting’) ones.


I’m going to pretend I’ve never read this even though I just said it will be implicated into my brain no matter what. Oh, whatever.


7 responses to “Gateway of the Mind – Experiment of the Senses

  1. i read that shit gave me nightmares for weeks i wonder if they have pics of it ? or even better a video

    • All the images and videos are posted on the creepy pasta site that I linked at “be my guest”. I’ve only watched one of the videos because it seems to scary.

  2. If you ask a Mormon what their version of Hell is, this would be their answer. They call it “Outer Darkness”. You don’t feel any pain, you see only darkness, you have no sense of taste, touch, sight, smell, or sound. They believe that you will eventually hear voices in the dark… for all eternity.

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