How Tight Packed is Your Calendar?

If your schedule is as pitiful as those dogs in those dog abuse commercials then it’s a lot like my calendar. Actually I do have a calendar….a Google calendar but I consider that the same thing. The digital world has meshed with our world so there really is no difference. I have around 5 events every month but that’s only because school and dentist events consume my calendar.

It’s not like I’m saying that a well packed busy schedule is a good thing either. I just think that people need one thing different to do every day so they don’t get so tired of their lifestyle. I’ve learned the hard way. I literally have nothing to do and count the days when I do have to do something. It’s disappointing and I’m always looking into the future.

So, instead of putting up with for a lot longer I’m going to teach myself ways to do more things every day and you can just watch and listen. :) Must I mention that these are all do-able things. Though they are created through my knowledge of mass-media.

1. Make a Sandwich

That’s what my gender is best known for, right? Women are told to make sandwiches. But I don’t like anything that has to do with raw vegetables and cold meat.

2. Ask People if They Need Anything to Do

And you can do it for them. I know that means they’ll take more advantage of you but this’ll help plenty of your skills. You may learn to do a lot more things in your life faster.

3. Go to a High School.

Because I learned from watching TV that all high schools are filled with drama any time of the day and if you go, you’re bound to get whether you attend it or not!

4. Buy a Zoo.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you intentionally buy one or just happen to find a property that used to be a zoo because either way, you are going to have to do a lot of work trying to take care of all those animals. It’s gonna be fun, though.

5.  Try Talking to a Stranger.

They probably have a lot in store for you.

And those are about it because this brain can only think of so much.


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