What is this Change?

I go on WordPress today and they have changed it a bit again, with the Reader, States, My Blogs, and Freshly Pressed tabs up on the top. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? It shows that there is change and always will be. Sites are never going to be the same but for now I’ll keep my blog theme.

They still haven’t changed the Dashboard though so I’m just waiting to see the turnout of that.

Since winter break is over, I had to go back to school and surprisingly it didn’t feel much of an effort to get back to the routine. It was back to the usual and we got homework as usual. I was surprised because I was expecting things to settle but I guess high school’s not like that. Not that bad since I don’t get much homework anyways.

I’ve also come down to a few New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Go to school on time.
  2. Do homework the day I get it instead of the day after.
  3. Talk only when necessary.

My sister says the last one’s of real importance. I agree.


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