Let’s Talk About: The Big Crunch!

Big Bang 2 by Sarah

Everyone in this world eventually gets the knowledge of the theory of the Big Bang to the point where since it’s really the only theory about our universe, it’s a fact. But what happens after the Big Bang or what is the opposite?

The Big Crunch…possibly.

A lot of science today are just theories like global warming so the Big Crunch isn’t proven yet but learning about it today, it sounds quite logical.

Just to give a quick jest of what the Big Bang theory actually is. There was a point in time, which was actually the beginning of time, that there was just a singularity or a point that was so small we wouldn’t be able to see it.

Singularity. It actually is much smaller than that.

Then within a fraction of a second that is way too small for us to actually imagine how quick it happened, the universe was formed. Some people like to say that the singularity exploded and some others say it expanded which makes more sense and I’ll explain why in a second. The particles expanded away from each other and clumped together to form galaxies and solar systems. This all happened really fast so all that we see today happened in just a fraction of a second. Something so big happened so quickly.

Pretty neat.

The thing is that our universe is still expanding. It’s not necessarily that the objects in spaces are moving away from each other but the space between them is stretching. To understand this you can take a balloon that isn’t already inflated and put two marks with a marker close to each other. You can get someone else to blow air into the balloon or pump air into another way as long as you watch the process of it inflating. You’ll be able to see that the two marks are getting farther away from each other. They aren’t moving away from each other but the space between them in expanding. That’s how our universe is working right now.

But some scientists wonder what we’re expanding into. Some believe that it’ll just keep expanding and one day it’ll stop when it reaches a limit. But there are some that believe once it does reach the limit, it’ll do the opposite and go back into that one singularity. And the most interesting is that some theorize that the Big Bang and Big Crunch have happened plenty and plenty of times before. That this is just a process: a very long process: one that last billions and billions of years.

If this is actually true, how interesting is our world? It’s seriously so organized to grow and die and grow and die just like everything else in Earth, it’s as simple as that. To live as long as you can to die again. I wish I was the universe or at least a star or Earth so I could live that long. Billions of years, thank you. I wouldn’t get tired of living that long because I really love life and being alive. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than breathing and fighting off diseases and dangers all day.

We’re all going through the phase of the inevitable Big Crunch.


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