Book Review: Joe Meno’s The Great Perhaps

The Great PerhapsThe Great Perhaps by Joe Meno
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why and how this book has taken me so long to finish is a mystery. I started in on the April of 2011 and finished nine months later. I’m not saying it was such a boring or a book without excitement because it did have that x-factor; it’s just I never seemed to have the time. But between that time of reading, I’ve read plenty of other books, it’s just this one that I never seemed to finish.

That was just a note.

The Great Perhaps, if I could put it in short, is a book about a family of cowards. They are very peculiar. The father of the household, Jonathon is a scientist professor who’s trying to find the giant squid. The mother of the household, Madeline, is also a scientist who’s studying pigeon habits when something weird happens. Jonathon and Madeline have two girls -one is a too-good-for-the-world teenager and the other is a Jesus loving tween who doesn’t quite fit in the family since the parents are atheist. There is also the grandfather who has a dark past and is isolating himself from the world by decreasing the amount of words he says by one everyday; he also tries to escape the elderly home he lives in but fails every time.

In The Great Perhaps, we follow this family as they try to find some sort of realization about themselves a hold on their lives as a family. It takes some time, of course, to understand each other but the main point of the book is understand yourself first.

This is a bit lesson to be learned in life. You can’t change others, you have to change yourself first. I didn’t exactly get the point or the moral of the story until I started typing out this review and then it hit me. My dad and sister finds our family weird and wants things to be totally normal even though both their types of normal are contradicting. It’s only at the end that they are to change themselves to fix the problem but I don’t think they’ll ever realize that. I hope they do but c’est la vie.

I like this book, though. It’s weird but I like it. I would recommend a teen or young adult read it. More towards the adult demographic because most teens don’t think about family situations but it really is an important topic in life. Just a bit harder to understand until you actually create your own family.

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