Movies to Think About : Ruby Sparks

This movie churns and burns my feelings. I think about every now and then just like I think about live and death every now and then. I don’t understand it and I don’t think I will ever understand it as much as I try to.

Ruby Sparks is a 2012 romantic comedy about an author, using his old typewriter, to write about a girl he had seen in his dreams only to find out that she’s real because he made her real with his magic typewriter. Magic. After a beautiful romance, he starts to find her flaws and goes back to writing about even though he told his brother earlier that he would stop and just be with her even though she isn’t a true human being.

The more he tries to change her, the more flaws he finds and the more he continues to try and fix her. At the end, he goes a bit delusional when she says she wants a break and that she’s leaving. He shows her that she isn’t real and that he can control her which leads to a emotionally painful end. The last thing he types in the typewriter goes along the lines of “Ruby is free. She is her own person and no one can control her with the typewriter.” It’s sad but it doesn’t end there. He publishes the book and one day finds  her the same way he found her in his dream: at a park when she notices his dog. Even though she doesn’t recognize him, the ending implies that they will be together even from all that happened.

So sad.

As great as the ending was, it still created a hole in me because it was still sad in it’s own way. It was a deep and dark experience for the writer. It was bold and bright and the character couldn’t seem happier. The last girlfriend he had lasted for years so it was heard for him to find love again but after he met her, it was just so beautiful.

Watch it and if you already have, did you feel the same way or did it totally make sense because if it did, I’d like to know why.


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