Films to Think About: Brink

Brink by Shawn Christense is a short film centered on a man who writes a love to the love of his life for the planet’s losing gravity and they’re all going to eventually float away.

“Dear Evelyn,

Yesterday, I saw an African Grey [Parrot] securing itself to an old wire fence. And it was like he knew; he knew it was going to happen for the rest of us.

So many times you’ve asked me where I’m going, who I’m seeing, who it is I think about late at night right before I fall asleep. The answer for so many years is you.

Truth is I don’t know where I’m going anymore but I know where I’ve been. I’ve been best friends with Evelyn since the fourth grade and she’s been the love of my life ever since.

I just wanted you to know that before we all float away,


The ending, if I may spoil it for you, they do meet up and tie their legs together on a roof so they can float away together. It kind of made me go crazy because if I was in that situation, I would have stayed home or in a basement. I know I’d eventually starve to death because if I took one step outside, I’d start to float. But I think I’d live the last moments of my life underground than just give up like that. It’s sweet but it’s not survival.


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