Judge a Book by Its Cover

All my life I’ve grown up with not doing this but as I’ve come to the utmost truth and realization, this is exactly what you have to do. Ahem, books today are made to please the eyes and persuade non-readers to dive into this new and profound galaxy, if not universe, of discoveries, adventures, mysteries, thrillers and laughter.

Here’s a great example to relate to. We are told that beauty is only skin deep but that doesn’t make it a reason to not properly dress yourself in public. It doesn’t make it okay to wear garbage because, as I’ve read in a self help book, treat everyday with importance and dress like everyday’s important. Days will feel bad that you don’t care for them enough to show them some respect by wearing appropriate if not hip clothing.

So, yes the cover can be real ugly but the book ends up being fa-nominal but that’s not how this millennium works. Design is important too and the appearance of things can real categorize its appeal.

We all know how those romance novels look like. There’s a shirtless man holding a woman that’s how they all look so if we don’t judge the book by it’s cover it could just as easily be confused for a mystery or non-fiction book. Totally. Weird? Yes.

So the next time you go to a book store or library, look through the selection and pick a book that seems exciting and has a great plot. It’s the thought that counts and if they put effort on the cover too, they’ve given a whole bunch of thought and creativity.


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