Dentists I Frown Upon On

The ones that fix your teeth in the time of need. The ones that make sure you can eat possibly every type of food you want to by fixing one special part of your body. The ones that can seriously suck at their job.

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be judging dentists style of working because I have no job and never had a job and I don’t even have a salary. But then again, if I could I would but the law says I’m under aged and it would be considered child labor. Also, it doesn’t seem quite fascinating going into someone else’s mouth, usually a stranger.

But I’m paying them and so are many other people in this world so even if they are doing their job the way they should, they could put a bit more effort into it. Please and thank you.

If you are a dentist and you are reading this, I suggest you listen carefully. Here a some guidelines in no relevant order of importance.

Rule Number One : Do not and I mean DO NOT talk to your patient or whatever you call us while you have a piece of metal in our mouth or are doing anything that disables us from talking. This doesn’t usually happen to me but more so my friend but when it did happen to me last week, I was mortified. This is how it went.

“So, what color do you want,” said the dentist, implying the color for my braces. I stared up at the walls while she checked my teeth with that mirror wand thing. I knew that I couldn’t say and thing and she kept on looking through my teeth until she took the wand out.

“Um..” I said because I couldn’t think of a color. I don’t plan this out and dentist appointments aren’t that exciting when you have to attend it every three weeks right after school ends.

She giggles and replies, “Still can’t think of a color,” and I just stare at her baffled. Did she seriously expect me to answer when I couldn’t possibly answer. Has she done this so many times that she forgot people actually can’t just talk at ease when you’ve asked them to keep their mouths open.

I finally come up with the answer, “Pink” and I have no idea why. I’m getting my color changed in the middle of January so I would only be able to wear pink in the month of Valentine’s Day for four days. Stupidity, I tell you. Stupidity.

Rule Number Two : Encourage us, don’t make us feel worse. Of course I know that the dentists aren’t trying to make us feel back but you don’t have to remind us to floss every single breathing moment of your life. I bet your family flosses day and night because your continuous need to tell them to. Or is it just us? Flossing isn’t that fun and I can’t get the groove of it. It’s like trying to learn a new skill that has nothing to do with your other already obtained skills. Like playing field hockey or lacrosse or any other sport they don’t teach in the school curriculum.

There are no other rules really. Oh right.

Rule Number Three : Be cautious. I don’t like having my gums jabbed or ripped or anything that can give me pain. I may get pain and you won’t even know it cause my poker face is perfected.

And, I think that’s it really. Please, try to follow these simple rules. It’s not too hard and could possibly make your patients’ stay much easier.


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