J-Walkers Anonymous

Yes, I used to j-walk and I’m not proud of it. It’s more convienient but I’m not that bad of a j-walker. I don’t cross main streets, but smaller ones. It’s not an addiction, it’s an advantage; it makes it much easier to get around and I know if I got caught by a cop doing that, I would get fined.

Yes, you can actually get fined and I know someone that did get fined for j-walking. Not a kid but an adult so I don’t know if I’m as illegible to get fined. It is a crime and I’ve reduced the amount of j-walking incidents to a minimum.

When I walk to school, there’s a path where I need to j-walk so it’s easier for me to get to my class but now I’ve been taking longer and safer paths and I’m getting used to them.

For all you j-walkers out there, stop j-walking because there are three possible things that may potentially happen. One, you may get hit by a car or truck or vehicle.  Two, you may get fined like I told you before. Three, you may become even more reckless in the future.

Bad habits lead to even worse habits and if you stop the wrong choices now, it may not be too late. You might just save yourself from the rest of your life.


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