Book Review: I’ve Got Your Number by Sophia Kinsella

I've Got Your NumberI’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella is about Poppy Wyatt losing her engagement ring and phone on the same day only to find another phone in a trash bin which she can use to give the hotel at which she lost the ring her number if they do happen to find it. Though Poppy did find it in the bin, it still belongs to someone. A company to be more exact. It’s a company phone and it used to be long to a personal assistant of a business man known as Sam Roxton. And he wants his phone back. He uses his phone to text messages to Poppy in order for her give the phone back but she needs the phone just in case someone does find her ring and her wedding’s in about ten days so she negotiates that if she can borrow the phone until then, she’ll just forward all his e-mails and messages to Sam just like a personal assistant would. Poppy’s just supposed to forward it but noticing all the messages Roxton receives  she starts opening the e-mails and reading through them, drawing into his personal life. She thinks she knows what’s going on with his life but soon realizes there’s more to Sam Roxton than the online one. Through the time she searches for the ring, which she eventually finds, she creates a bad-to-close bond with Sam. But soon, the person to find the ring pulls in more unanswered questions until she learns the striking truth about her fiance, Magnus Travish. This may or may not affect her need to get married considering the fact that he proposed only after one month.

Well, that’s the unbiased summary. Here is what I think about the characters.

Poppy Wyatt, somewhat quirky and clumsy, is extremely nosy in not the best ways. She’s extremely intimidated by Magnus’s family because they’re posh and much more intelligent. Poppy tries a lot to impress but at the end, it all goes hay-wire. When she thinks that his parents don’t like her, it’s not exactly the truth because one you find out the secret of Magnus, you’ll know.

Sam Roxton, a grumpy and serious business man, does not seem social at all. In some ways, he’s a lot like Poppy by trying to make his boss, Sir Nicholas, feel as comfortable as possible. In other ways, he totally the opposite because his e-mail replies are short and to the point with no kisses and hugs at the end like Poppy’s. Although this is how his personality appears in the beginning, we can safely say that Poppy Wyatt had changed him to a more upbeat person. Sooner or later, he started to give into Poppy’s quirky ways and ended his messages to her with x’s and o’s. He even started to act happier and less stressed. I can say that Sam Roxton is my favorite character in possibly all modern books and if I could know a Sam Roxton, I’d be best friends with him.

And then there’s Magnus Travish. He’s a schmoozer and uses the pronoun “Sweets” to his fiancee alot which I find incredibly annoying. Who even says “sweets”? He annoys me because, one you find out the secret, it’s annoyingly annoying to even read about him. Okay, so I’m just going to give his little spoiler away. He has commitment issues. Even his parents know that and that’s why they don’t want him to marry Poppy and potentially break her heart. He wants to prove to everyone that knows him well enough that he can get married. So this concludes to the fact that he’s only marrying Poppy to prove that to everyone and could possibly ask for a divorse if he gets tired of her. That is probably why he asked to marry her only in one month. And, the only way they met was because Poppy’s a physiotherapist and he had this hand injury. He wasn’t even supposed to be her patient, but Annalise’s, who doesn’t forgive Poppy because she could’ve gotten married to Magnus if it wasn’t for her giving her patient to Poppy so it’s technically not Poppy’s fault but Annalise’s.

Overall, I think the book was a great read and you know those books that say it’s humor but it’s really not? Well, this book is full of laughs and giggles. One of my most favorite parts was when she had to distract this Japanese business man by pretending to be in his fanbase and not thinking of what to do, she started singing Singles Ladies but changing the lyrics to his name, Mr. Yamasaki. At the end all the other business man started to join her singing it and it was so funny. Another favorite part was when Sam and Poppy started having some fun with the texting and sending each other the cutest texts. I recommend this to young adults and up everywhere. Most people will understand this book and it’s hilarious!

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