Two Types of Days, Two Types of People

High school life for me is starting to get complicated as exams are getting closer and closer. Remember how I said that high school’s pretty darn easy? I was right for the first half year but now I have to start putting in some effort. Homework is getting a bit more strategic and if you don’t do your homework, teachers aren’t too satisfied.

That’s not really the point of this post but I’m finding a way to transition into it so work with me here.

I soon realized as I started trying to organize my binders when my teachers gave me more and more assignments and I couldn’t find enough space to store them that my days are planned out quite strategically.

I have two types of days in my high school. The first one consists of visual arts, science, English and physical education. These days are practical and boring with, I guess you could say, practical and boring people. The second day consists of geography, information technology (computers), math, and french. These days are quite complicated and horrendous. Not by what we learn, but by the types of students in the class. They are loud, mouthy, talkative people. I would put myself in the same category as I try my best before class starts to keep away from the wandering bodies that want to socialize.

I don’t really like the second day because the people annoy me ‘causing a lot of problems for the teachers sometimes but they are interesting folks. They get me laughing and have an edge compared to the day ones. Everything has it’s perks but they are equal advantages and disadvantages that you can’t decide which one is better than the other.

That is why high school is mumbo jumbo.


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