I Want to Do Nothing [But Watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries]

It’s sort of weird is how I could describe it. Recently, I’ve wanted to do nothing but do nothing. That’s basically it. I always enjoy going on the computer or watching TV or anything really but now I just have nothing to do and nothing seems to satisfy me. I thought that maybe school was the answer and it would work out since I got to school six hours a day but I can’t deal with that either. I just feel like there’s absolutely nothing interesting at the moment.

Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a single obsession like a TV show that contains hundreds of episodes. That usually consumes most of my daily life. I think this is some sort of insistence to get me to do my homework. Maybe that’s what’s going to keep me entertained. I’ll have to see if that’s the answer for now but that will only mean that I’ll be really ahead in class. What’s wrong about that anyways?

But really. Who gets tired of going on the Internet? Me, in this case. I cannot explain and will not explain. Wait, I just explained. Wait, did I? It may have not been that good of an explanation. Akanksha, why don’t you just look back at what you just wrote? Because I don’t want to. Well, that’s too bad, isn’t it? Yep and that’s how my whole life works. Such a pity. Such a pity.

I guess it would have to do with habits. I got so used to going on the computer that it’s not that fun anymore. Life’s hard.

What I have been doing though is started to watch this Youtube show called “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” which is a modern take of Pride and Prejudice. Yes, I didn’t like the novel but since this is an urbanized version, why not? It took me some time to actually get into it since I used to see it through Tumblr a lot and my friends told me about it but I never actually checked it out until today. Why today? Same reason why I made this post.

Each video’s about two to five minutes long and it’s Lizzie Bennet in her room talking and reenacting. It’s quite comical and I watching the first video, it seemed really interesting. I know the idea came from Hank Green, Youtuber, and that’s another source of media that got me interested in watching it.

I also got an e-mail (not sure if I should share it but I’ll let my Bennet shine in this case) from my blueberry-addicted friend:

Have you been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries lately? It’s this modern take on Pride and Prejudice and it’s really great and interactive because all the characters have social networking accounts. In the most recent video…http://lydiabennettape.com/ The time to destroy fictional George Wickham is nigh.

Not sure yet what she means by the last sentence but I do know who George Wickham is so I’m not totally confused or as she would say, confuzzled.

I’ll probably catch up with the show’s recent episode soon since the videos are short but until then, no spoilers. :) I’m not one to care if I were given spoilers though. I just wanted to add to the mood.


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