Commercial Music

I can only say this because I don’t watch commercials but my sister does as I hear the sounds distantly. I heard a song that I was quite familiar with for a promotional commercial for the quite famous movie Silver Linings Playbook called “Lost in My Mind” by The Head and The Heart. They are a folk-indie band and I’m not too sure how I found them but I really liked their songs. It’s subtle and sweet; calm and catchy. So when I heard it on TV, I was pretty darn excited saying, “I know that song!” even though no one was listening to my exclamation.

Today, more like just a few minutes ago, I heard another song that I used on a PowerPoint presentation for my Information Technology class.I didn’t know the band or the song; I just searched “elephant” on YouTube since it had some relation to the PowerPoint and that song was the first thing to pop up. I clicked it and it had a catchy tone. Today, I heard it on a sports commercial, I think. I also saw it on for on a top 20 songs of the year chart even though that chart didn’t feature popular songs but just really good ones. The song’s called “Elephant” by Tame Impala.

I can conclude that I have a good taste in music to the point that after some months, I can hear those songs on commercials. I can say that the people that chose the song while editing the commercials are awesometastic or fantabulicious.


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