Cold Weather Alerts

Toronto’s been getting plenty of those recently as the cold arctic air plummeted around a week ago, causing me and most others to freeze to oblivion. It had come to my attention that the homeless are having it much harder than I am, but people are trying to help them. It wasn’t today or yesterday but when the first weather alert was set in motion that people went around the streets of Downtown Toronto, handing free coffee to the homeless. Yes, I would say caffeine is a drug and it’s not good for the body but it’s much better than freezing overnight.

I sort of want to exterminate TDSB (Toronto District School Board) for still allowing students to attend school last Friday even though most other boards closed schools. I chose to walk home for lunch so it wasn’t anymore fun than the rest of the day. Not a lot of people even attended school either because their parents were okay with them ditching or they lived too far away. They could have rode public transit but apparently there was so much traffic that it took a few hours for the bus to even arrive to the school if you lived at least thirty to forty minutes away.

But, my god. Climates one thing but weathers another. One day, it can be beautiful, the next all you see is white snow everywhere. I don’t like snow, never will. Good day.


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