Bombs in Boston

The first thing I do when I come up is open Tumblr like it’s the daily newspaper. Today was the same as most days because after a few minutes of looking at punny and relate-able posts, and freaking out that one of my blogs has reached 1,000 followers, I stumbled upon a post that said, “Pray for Boston”. At first I thought it was a joke, the way I think most things are jokes until I checked the source of the post and noticed the blogger only tagged it to one thing: #pray for Boston. I clicked it and if you don’t know how Tumblr works, it leads you to other posts that the blogger tagged with the same tag. I then saw that they made another post talking about the bombing.

I know: there was a bombing in Boston?!

This is all I know of right now and I’ll first explain it with the vast majority of information I have and then actually research about it.

Thanks to media and what little I’ve seen, I know that the bombing happened with there was a running marathon. That some people are injured and a few have died (maybe).

After I do some research:

There are two dead, at least twenty injured. Injured as in, missing limbs and such. It wasn’t a small situation and I’m sure Obama is on the case right now, probably ready to make a speech and assist them.

Three bombings, one in relation, but the other two occurred at the same time.

I still think it’s too soon to make any jokes but there is a lot of people looking for their loved ones that were running the marathon at the moment. If you want to check if to see the runners, you can go here

Now the big questions to ask. Who did this? Why would someone do this? Does this have any relation to any terrorist act? Does this have relation to anything what-so-ever?

Hopefully those answers and … answered soon.


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