One Experience That Changed My Life (Q&A)

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

There are a lot of things that did mildly change my life but the one that I’d have to go for that really made everything more real is moving to Canada. Even though I knew how unusual and the difficult life can be, nothing hit me more than Canada. The irony since this place is considered one of the safest and friendliest. I think it is safe but it’s so expensive.

I wasn’t used to public transit and all the other middle class uses given for people to make their lives easier. That was because the place where I used to live in, Orange County, created a way of life that made middle-class or lower people feel like they have more money than they actually do. I loved that and I didn’t really have to worry about anything. Then again, I was younger than I am now and that could also be a factor into why I realized how difficult life can really get.

All the homes around my area had two to three garages and big backyards. The living rooms were always big and there was a nice den that felt more like the living room since it was so big. The front yard was big whereas here, most people don’t even have a front yard.

Once I arrived to Toronto, I realized how much of a difference there was by just the weather. “Why are there so many clouds,” I asked while we were landing. I wasn’t used to that many because in the OC it barely rains even though the weather isn’t too strong as people like to believe. Obviously, if you’ve ever traveled, the traffic lights and signs are always different. I’ve always preferred the ones in Irvine, the city I lived in. Here they didn’t have a safe left turn. This always made me feel very uncomfortable and I hope Canada does change the lights so that we don’t have to be as cautious when turning left.

Plus, Canada worships the Queen. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as the Queen. 

(Everyone has their own opinion  but we’ve got to be honest with ourselves. We’re worshiping a group of people that have contributed nothing to society except the sheer joy of watching what interesting thing they will do next like having their horse win a race.)

There’s also the metric system that some people like to argue that it’s easier than the imperial system but I like to disagree. 250 centimeters or 98.4 inches. Obviously the smaller number. Yes, the metric system does help to convert to, for example, millimeter or decimeter easier but do you really, in your head, know how long 148 centimeters is? Do you really? Because I think that 5 feet 4 inches is easier. I can imagine it in my head.

And there’s also winter here. Yes, it was very hot in the summer last year but the weather just isn’t fair here. It can get really cold in the winter but that’s not that worst part. The wind is. It’s so cold and I can’t even get a grip when I’m walking home. In the summer, I’m just sweating to oblivion and that’s why I like to stay at home.

I have had to deal with all of these things and they did change who I am now. I’m meaner and greedier than I was before. Thanks, Toronto.


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