East West & Baby Naming

If only I had some say in the naming of Kim K’s and Kanye’s offspring. I would’ve named them, you guessed it, East West. Mainly because it doesn’t make sense, East would make a great first name also because it actually sounds cute and much more like a child’s name than North. This being said, I hope the child is like their very own north star and doesn’t follow the same path they went. Even though I did enjoy Kanye going upstage to confront Tay Swift about how much she really deserves the award, it wasn’t a good thing to do. And even though on a broad scale both of them have achieved so much in life, I still don’t consider them as role models.

Then again, they are still better than the Royals.

Over the course of my birth and the present day, I’ve been looking for names to name mine and/or others’ offspring(s). I’ve gotten a few down on a list but most of them I ended up forgetting (unfortunately).

  • Napoleon
  • Phat
  • Varicelle (French for “vericella” meaning chicken pox)
  • Samwich

And I forgot this really good one and I don’t seem to find a way to remember no matter how hard I try. Interesting names make a person more memorable and so I think it is best, if you’re thinking of a name, to pick something of pure value and interest. Also, make sure they don’t get embarrassed of their name either. Phat’s going to get mine or someone else’s kid no where but it is funny.

One of my sister’s friend’s mom couldn’t name her by the name she wanted because the doctors said, “It’s not a name; it’s a word.” If you’re wondering what the name she wanted to name her child was, it was “Gentile”. Instead she had to make some adjustments and although I don’t know how to spell it, I sounds like “Gentielle”.

What made the doctors decide what the mom could name her child. That is one of the stupidest and most unfair things I’ve heard.

I did a bit of research and learned some interesting information from Mental Floss. Some countries are a bit stricter about what you name your child than others. For example, Denmark doesn’t seem to like the idea of spontaneous names created from parents. Instead of having such abstractivity, the instruct for the parents to choose from a list of pre-selected names and if there is a name they want but it’s not in there, they have to go through a bit of mumbo jumbo to be able to name their child to their liking.

Even though I like the idea of interesting names, I like Denmark’s law too because we all know how weird people can get.

And then there are some countries like Iceland and Germany which want the child to have a gender specific name so that if someone where to hear their name, the person would know whether the other person is a girl of a guy. They also want to make sure that in the future the child does not get embarrassed by their name. Hopefully, North West doesn’t. North seems more like a guys name if you ask me.

I also know that Drake Bell said he would name his child “Taco” which was probably a joke but if he went through the laws, they probably wouldn’t allow that.


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