My Opinion on The Royal Fetus & Abortion

Ugh. That’s the whole post. Just, ugh. Is it too late for an abortion?

Just kidding. It’s not the whole post but I was serious on the abortion part.

The Royals are as useful as CP24’s future weather. They are as useful as the new video feature on Instagram. They are as useful as using Instagram online. I don’t use Instagram by the way.

What I’m trying to say is the Royals are nothing important. Media just makes them important. The only reason the economy is doing great over there at the moment is because of us. Well, not us. Just you guys. :-)

If you go on, there is a page on why the role of Royals. From what I’ve read through the page, most of it is just about how the Royals give moral support and help in charitable causes, if I can dumb it down. There are plenty of complicated phrases to make any normal person of this world believe that the Royals are actually doing something. I’m not falling for that, UK Government.

Then there’s the baby which will cause such a ruckus to the pop culture magazines and just annoy the heck out of me. Do I care about a kid that had the luck to be born in a family that’s so famous for doing absolutely nothing? NO. Absolutely not. And you can print that out if I ever become a politician and try to disband them, if that is even possible.

North West’s parents actually did something unlike this royal fetus.

And if you were wondering where I stand on the abortion law. I think abortion should be a choice.

It should be the woman’s choice whether she wants to bring a child into the world. Most politicians that are anti-abortion are men and that’s pretty stupid. They don’t even know what it’s like to be pregnant. Neither do I but I know it’s not petals and roses.

Here are my top three reasons. 1. The mother may not have the sufficient money or will power to take care of the child. 2. It’s not the government’s choice or business. 3. You can’t kill something that’s not even born yet.

Dare argue with me because I know this topic really well and I could go five ways with each argument. No, really. I dare you because it would really help clear some air for people that think abortion is a ‘no,no’.


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