Most Underused Reason For Pro Abortion

I was scrolling through Tumblr and then I saw this.

“Arguing About Abortions” itself is a great site. They actually give hard hitting statements on rights and wrongs whereas there are just people in this world like ‘smilingreckless’ who say, “Your statement doesn’t make any sense.” It does make sense; you just need to understand it.

I was considering to add it to my very last post but realized that wasn’t the best option.

At first, I thought this was anti-abortion and I do not like the opinions of anti-abortionists.

I have never seen this statement before and, wow, it’s great. This would go on top of my list of why a woman should have the right to abort her baby if she wants to. Any comments and concerns, please go to

My most favorite posts on their page is:

I’m obviously giving a lot but all of these are very good. And while I was looking, I found which also seems like another great site. That’s mainly because their title says, “Worry About Your Own Uterus”. Most of the time, I just enjoy seeing a prolife post and their comment right under it contradicting the statement so well. And I found another site. There are just so many great blogs on Tumblr which such good information from suicide help to this.

If you’re wondering what to do if you ever become pregnant and you don’t necessary want to have a child. Look through these sites because they will help you decide.

Honestly, if you don’t want it, don’t bring it into the world. You’re not doing it a favor.


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