Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday and OMG! NEW LEAF!

Yes, It’s been two years since this blog has been running and through the changes it has gone through, the URL still stayed the same. Of course, that was only because I couldn’t change it but even if I could, I’d keep it the same. Embrace the things you hate, and that’s exactly what I did. I hate Toronto’s snow (and weather) so I decided, what would be a better name for my blog than Toronto’s Snow. And that is how it was born.

Also, I turned 15 today. If you were wondering what the countdown on the blog was for, it was for my birthday. Not only that but also France’s Independence Day. July 14th wasn’t all cheery news though. The beloved Cory Monteith died. I was shocked really. What a thing to find out. I wasn’t really a big fan but I didn’t mind his casting on Glee. Prayers to his friends and family. Hopefully the wholes in their heart will mend.

Back to the normal, uninteresting news. I got a 3DS XL. Why not just the normal version? Because it’s why too small, duh! Do you, like, not even know Nintendo? I bought, well not me but my dad, a white/pink one because the other ones were ugly. I’m not that big of a girly girl but it really does look beautiful. I’m glad with the purchase of color. I also got Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which was the main reason why I got the 3DS in the first place.

Turns out, I love this game. Then again, I’m a bit biased because I’ve always loved this game. I have the older versions, Wild World and City Folk for the older DSi and Wii. I did prefer City Folk before but after I got New Leaf, hands down, it is the best. I’m loving the graphics and sound quality. I love the colors and how much brighter it has gotten since City Folk (which was the one that came out before New Leaf) and I absolutely love the new features such as Tortimer Island and Best Friends.

I truly am in love with this game and will be hooked on it for a while. My sister has always found this stupid but at the moment, she is playing it too so that should give away something. Even though she hated City Folk, she seems to be enjoying New Leaf much, much more but she won’t create her own character and proceeds to use mine.

If you were wondering, my character’s name is Swaggy with an accent on the y. The town is called El Dorado. I know, I’m very creative.

Of course, I will give a more detailed review on this game but I want to actually spend more than just two days on it before I do so. Until then, I’ll be spending hours and hours on it.


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