Movies to Think About: Life of Pi

“Don’t ask me about India; it’s a shit place,” said my mom just a few seconds ago and it seemed appropriate to start my post entry this way.

Like most countries, India is sort of shitty. There are though a few things to be proud of India though. For example, the number of successful movies set in India like Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire but both have a tragic story behind it. Then, there’s the cultural food that everyone can recognize making us different from most other countries. Everyone thinks it’s spicy but that isn’t true. Thai is way spicier.

Trying to get in context here, Life of Pi was an amazing movie. I honestly had no idea what it was about and I never thought about reading it before the movie. After watching the movie, it kind of changed my perspective on many things. First of all, I didn’t see India as the dirtiness in my mind. Some of it actually does look nice and not infested with diseases on bugs. Secondly, it made me believe a more heartfelt meaning behind most animals and their intentions. You can’t domesticate them all but you can train them all which seems to be good enough.

It was a tragic story and even though at the end the writer said that there was a happy ending, there doesn’t seem to be in my point of view. He lost so much and at the end Richard Parker didn’t even turn around or hesitate. That would have definitely broken my heart.



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