Violet’s Bad Luck

First day of school wasn’t really the first day of school. Wednesday was. That’s because our first day of school is only about two hours long. We met our home form class, which is the class where we receive the important information like report cards. Wednesday, which is actually today, we met our other classes and teachers but technically only half of them. Tomorrow, I’m going to meet the other half.

Even though these subjects  (Science, Math, History and English) were mandatory, we had to select which type of it we would take. I took ‘Academic’ for all the subjects because I can learn in the ‘academic’ ‘university’ style of teaching. Then there’s ‘Applied’ which a good amount of my friends are in. The lowest, which I can’t remember the name of, is the one that barely anyone is in.

From today, the first impressions I got from my classmates and teachers were okay. Unlike last year, I recognized a bunch of my peers and teachers so it didn’t feel uncomfortable or unaccustomed. The only class that I couldn’t bare was my home form class (which is also my Science class) because I did not like my classmates. Most of them were either trouble-makers, loud or didn’t know a lot of English. My most favorite class was all my other classes (English, Computer Science and Math) because they had people that I had regularly talked to or I think I will be talking to a lot in the future.

The other courses (electives) that I chose were Introduction to Computer Studies, Introduction to Business, Civics and Careers, and Computer Technology. I have to change this statement because my dad actually chose my courses. Of course, Civics and Careers is a mandatory course but if it wasn’t my dad wouldn’t have let me taken it. He thinks that I should focus my life in business and computers for my employment future. I agree with him but that doesn’t mean I want to take all my elective courses on that topic. I wanted to pick Spanish and Philosophy but as you can see, that did not happen.

But enough about you. You are probably concerned on what the title of this post has to do with anything. On the first day of school, I woke up at 7:30am and after brushing my teeth and everything else, I went to the living room. After 8am (I believe) on the news, they reported that a girl got struck on the way to school by a dump truck. Turns out this girl was in the same grade as me but I did not know her. This coincidence took an effect on me like most coincidences and I felt sympathy. After ten or fifteen minutes, I find out that she died. RIP Violet [Lastname]. What I learned today was that her birthday was today! What a coincidence that her death was one day before her birthday. I really felt bad for her when I found out about that. But, who is the one to blame. It’s the driver. She was right across from the school. Literally; right across from it. The driver should have known to stop when he was turning left but instead carelessly went by until he hit her and jumped out of the truck, crying knowing what he had done and that there was no escape to this crime. But it’ll be weeks before they know if the driver will be charged.

I have J-walked so much that now, I feel like I need an intervention from preventing something like this for my own sake. She got hit but I didn’t except for something to be that fatal. You really can’t see the danger in something until the danger makes a presence. Don’t walk to school by yourselves, kids.


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