That’s Racist!

My school is not known well in our city. If I were asked which high school I go to, no one would know. I’d have to specify the intersection and even then they’d have that classic confused look on their face. Nothing in my school happens either. It’s simple and boring but there are just the few things that won’t make me forget about it.

The first impression that I got with my high school was, “Wow, this place looks really boring, really small, and really Asian.” Of course, the last part would sound racist if I didn’t specify. My community has a 98% population of Chinese people. The rest consist of Middle Easterns, Brownies (specifically Sri Lankans, which are not the same as Indians), and White-Outs. That means, me being an Indian, I’m a major minority. Although I’m used to being in a very multi-cultural school, there are times where I can feel quite left out. And when an area has a strong single-race population, they tend to be uncultured and make jokes that are inaccurate, immature, and especially offensive. I try to ignore such comments but they slowly begin to draw a hole on you.

Let me further explain with a perfect example that I experienced today. I noticed my friend, Joey, eating a piece of candy. It was evidently green tea flavored and I asked her for one, just as a few others did. She looked at me and said, “No. Because you’re brown.” She’s a friend of mine and so I didn’t feel hurt by that for I thought she wasn’t being serious but when I asked her again, the same exact response was given. Of course, she didn’t mean to hurt my feelings and assumed my tongue has no preference for Asian candies but my mood felt a little collapsed after saying that. Since I can hide my feelings quite well and am patient, I jokingly persisted and she gave me a different candy. Maybe she didn’t mean to it but thinking about it now, it could have seemed like the only reason she gave me the fruit flavored candy instead of the green tea was because it was better fit my taste.

Another example, also happened today. It was a small comment, a very small comment that could have been ignored and misjudged if it was discussed between different people. But, no. It was discussed with me. During History class, Carmen and I were looking through this 1950s scrapbook. I showed her one section that said even back in the day, people enjoyed tanning. Her first reaction was that she couldn’t understand why people was to be darker. I didn’t know how to respond but I just said agreed. And as I tried to switch the topic, she added, “I think being paler looks better.” I couldn’t agree on her with that. So, instead of ranting about how she was wrong and secluded to a society where thinking someone can only be pretty if they are plain is conceited and questionably racist, I diverted the response and said, “I think the color were born with looks best on you. Or as long as you like the way you look.” Now that I look at it, my answer could have been better. I could have just said, “It doesn’t matter if they decide to tan or not, as long as their okay with how they look, and if they don’t cause harm to their own body.” That would’ve been the appropriate and mature answer.

It’s a good thing I never exaggerated and showed my honest opinions for it would be unnecessary. If there were ever a point where it truly hurt me to the point of bullying, of course I would say something. But let’s be real, they need to be educated. That’s the first thing I noticed about Scarborough and my community. They truly don’t know a thing about other cultures except their own. It doesn’t take too much effort to learn about other lifestyles and opinions. It’s good for you and even better for you mind. Embarrassments of the lack of knowledge will be avoided and people will think, “Dang girl, you are so smart. Where did you learn all of this? Is there an encyclopedia in your head?” The near-future of endless compliments are only a few steps away so go on that Wikipedia page and type in that one country that you know nothing about.

Here are some funny stories my ratchet friends, some not friends, told me.

One of the girls who was knew to the school, was Chinese but a bit darker skin-toned. My friend assumed she was Indian because she would eat rice and curry at lunch. Yes, friend. It is very smart to associate someone as an Indian just because they have curry for lunch. This baffled me greatly for the girl looks nothing like an Indian. Her features resembled much of the Chinese ethnicity.

On the close to first day of school, it was History class and my teacher was talking about slaves. I think you can assume where this is going. She talked about why the N-word is so offensive and she actually said, which isn’t a wrong thing to do by the way. When she did pronounce the word, this one kid turned around and stared at me with his eyes wide and gasped. It took me a second to realize that the reason he did that was because he thought it would offend me if someone said it out loud because apparently I’m black. I did not know of being black. I asked my mom after school if in any way I was black, but she said she didn’t know. “Maybe you are black. Since people assume you are black by being ratchet and stupid and secluded to general knowledge, you should be black from now on.” So, the next day, I went to school and instead of eating curry for lunch, I ate fried chicken and stole a car after school.

Of course, I didn’t do any of that. The second he gasped, I just stared at him and sighed.

I don’t even have it the worst. My sister went through a lot more racial bullying but I don’t think I can talk about it without her putting copyright signs all over the post.

I’m just going to be a bit informal here at rant.

You are so dumb. You are really dumb. For real. I don’t understand how the world can take all that ratchet stupidity without exploding, or the least, releasing some steam. There is a place for people like you. It’s known as HELL. Just kidding. It’s known as school.

What I’m trying to say is, if you want to make racist and offensive jokes, please know some background information before you humiliate someone. That’s the least you can do. It’s not 1980; when you can make the stupidest insults and have people still respect you. I’m not even suggesting this. I’m begging you; just Google even the littlest thing like, “How to say ‘curry’ in Hindi,” but I’m sure most of my school will put ‘Indian’ instead of ‘Hindi’.

Bends on knees, prays to the cows, and puts bindi on forehead.


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