Eleanor & Park Book Review

Eleanor & ParkEleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Eleanor & Park is an adventure of star-crossed young love that could tangle your fears and desires in 325 pages.

With such acclaim for this novel, I had already wanted to read it for quite some time. Maybe even a few years. Eventually I got my hands on it, and the second I flipped open the first page, I could not stop reading.

I fell in love the way Eleanor & Park did. I watched as they coward-ed and avoided and eventually found the courage to make whatever it was happen. I could feel the battle, the pain, the happiness, everything Rowell wanted her reader to feel.

I got so attached to the two characters that it was hard to pull back. I missed reading the book just as the two missed each other. I couldn’t imagine an end to this that would make me happy. Thank you, Rowell, for hinting a disappointing ending just by reading the book jacket’s flap.

Before you read a book, you won’t think you will get attached to the characters; that their story could possibility not want to make you shed the same tears that you shed if your mother dies. I thought that too, expecting a cute, hilarious experience to come out of this read.

My lord, was I wrong.

After finished the last three long words of the book, I stared at blank space, then commenced crying for around twenty minutes; stopping every few times to realize what a ridiculous thing I was doing and then crying again.

I loved this book with all my heart and plan on cherishing it for a long time. I cannot wait to read more of Rowell’s books. It has been a pleasure having my heart broken by you.

Nothing ever ends.


New Update (01/17): F**k this book! I didn’t realize how shitty it was because when I read this, I was fifteen! I loved Rainbow Rowell’s writing but I seriously hate the main character and I didn’t like the shaming and lowkey racism in this. Nope, not worth the five stars, anymore!

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