I have to update this page yet again so here goes nothing!

What is this website about?

This website is not a website. It is in fact a blog talking about a 14-year-old 9th grader in first person format. What I talk about is the days of my life and how I end up surviving every single one of them. This also talks about the problems I face, but more importantly, the problems other people face. I talk about world issues that are hot topics these days. I also give out advice, which is pretty unusual since I’ve barely lived a life to give out advice to other people. I guess it’s okay because some of the smartest people out there are younger ones because they tend to see things in a different light. If I’m not talking about any of those, then I’m talking about the weather. That pretty much makes sense since this blog is called “Toronto’s Snow”.

Note: I also talk about the things that interest me.

Why was this website made?

I’m not sure I can answer this question since I don’t know myself. I believe this is how it went: I really like to look at all the leading websites today and want to try them out. I also seem extremely impressed by the bloggers these days. I want to be able to talk to my day with my friends and family and also want to see if other people are interested too. I’ve come to realize that making this blog was so fun. I just couldn’t stop typing and I’ve become so much better at it than I used to be. Evidence: My first few posts on this blog.

Now let me talk a little bit about myself.

Hello, my name is Akanksha Gogi. My last name means “meat” in Korean and that’s pretty awesome. Why? Because I love meat, the world, and learning about last names.

I was born in India and lived there until I turned 6…or was it 7. Then I moved to Connecticut, USA because my dad got a job transfer. I went to school for 2nd grade for around 6 months. I was a snobby kid. I have to admit that. I was one of the rudest and most snitchy kids out there. I must have been so annoying to my peers. Sorry about that guys.

Around the winter of that time, I moved to Texas, USA. (My parents are going to go crazy when they see this life story.) I lived tehre for about 1 year for 3rd grade. I made exactly 4 friends and only remember on of their names: Faith. The school I went to was called John D. Spicer Elementary School.

At November of 2007…or 2006, I moved again to California, USA. I lived there for about 3 years until 2010. That would have had to been the second longest place I’ve stayed in. I made a varied amount of friends but the most recent amount was around 3-4 very close friends. I went to a school called University Park Elementary School. A lot of conflict went around in California but it was also one of the calmest place, territorial vise.  Other than that, I ended up going on a trip to Texas at my 5th grade Spring Break back to Texas and I saw my old school. It was nice. I also went on a rode trip to the end of Nevada and the top of Arizona and some part of California with a really close family.

At exactly August 31 around 4 am, I moved out of my home in California and entered the airport. I took a one-stop passage to Toronto and arrived at around 11:30pm (because of the time change). It took us around 4 hours to reach Toronto. I’ve been here for around 2 and 1/2 years. I have exactly 2 close friends and have gone through so much to understand where I stand in this world. This place made me realize my stupidity and throw it away. I know how to live. It may be this place, or it may just be the fact that I’ve grown older.

Since I started high school, those two close friends both went to a different school and left me all alone. Of course they try to think I’m the one that left them but that’s not the case since I went to the school closest to me and they still have each other. I did have to improvise because of this and I don’t like being a loner so I have two new close friends. One I call the Swimmer here and the other Intense. I think you can guess why I named the first one but the other one was because she says the word “intense” a lot.

I guess I have to update my interests since they’ve changed drastically over the course of less than one year. I used to listen to k-pop but just the fact that it got so mainstream, I kind of got out of it. I’m now more interested in models, Youtubers (like John Green, Hank Green and Felix Kjellberg [aka Pewdiepie]), and a few TV shows. There really isn’t much to me now since I’m not intensely submerged into a fan base but I still love Funyuns. Funyuns for life.


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